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What you should wear very much depends on what type of environment we are shooting in, If you have chosen a rural or countryside scene, Bold, solid colors NOT matching the scenery is a perfect choice! try to stay away from natural greens and browns as they tend to blend into the countryside in the summer months.If you are doing Urban (in town) sessions your clothing choices are almost limitless, small print tends to be distracting, but on little ones mismatched clothing such as a striped shirt with a tutu and polka dotted pants are awesome and the camera loves it! Mostly we recommend clothing, that shows your personality, outfits you would wear because they just say, YOU!
Here is a seasonal list that we recommend (these are for portraits not bridals)

Spring: Pastels, Whites, Blues, and sage greens are perfect (always any bold colors!)
Summer: Stay away from light browns (they blend in with wheat and tree trunks) Hunter greens, Most any other color is fine!
Autumn: Reds, Greens, Dark Blues and of course Bolds are great!
Winter: Anything but white.

ALWAYS think about the weather! If your session is in midwinter, be prepared for cold and snow, We are not adverse to shooting in it! Find a nice jacket, a colorful scarf and beanie and some waterproof shoes and we will have a blast! If your shooting in spring or autumn, be prepared for rain! Bring an umbrella,they come in so many styles and colors it’s easy to find one to tie into your session and we will definitely make the most of it!

SHOES: If you are requesting a rural shoot, please realize we may have to walk a bit into the area we are shooting in, please bring a pair of tennis shoes comfy for walking in and we can change shoes on location.

Clothing changes: some of our locations may not have a restroom for changing, we suggest if you plan on changing jeans wearing shorts under your pants. An undershirt or tank under your shirt, for girls who are wearing dresses, find a long tube top or long tank to wear during changing!

INFANTS: We are asked what should baby wear, quite often. Clothing depends on the age and sex of the baby!

Newborn: We try to shoot newborn sessions within the first week, newborns can be diaperless with an adorable headband or beanie, Make sure to have a few of your favorite blankets and newborn outfits as well. We like parents to accompany baby in a few shots, so be sure to be wearing a printless shirt in white or black and have your hair styled the way you would like it. If you have props like baskets, a stack of towels, wreaths or anything else be sure to have them handy.

0-1 year, diapers with a diaper cover and baby’s favorite outfit (x2) (accessories that are trending right now, Knit beanies, net tutus, Large flower headbans (available on ebay and etsy or at Ross) & tube tops.

Lots of mismatch is trending right now , but the classic dresses and suits or Jeans and tees never leave popularity! Try to stay away from tiny prints!