Free “Senior Formal” sessions for foster girls.

by tatjannam

Being alone is bad enough, but add to it new rules, family trauma and the pressures of school and even work and the realization that in a few months, you will be aging out of the system. All of which can be detrimental to the self esteem and future outlook. I know first hand what being in state care is like, but, this blog isn’t about me.

Every year for the last 2 years I have been donating sessions to seniors who are in state care (foster, temporary & group homes). From the referrals I get I select the teens who are showing that they are working hard to continue to achieve their goals. Meaning good grades, excellent citizenship and/or working to save money. My goal is to alleviate some of the stresses of their senior year.

Enter an angel. Yesterday, I saw an ad on one of the yardsale sites on Facebook for prom dresses. My hope was to secure a couple of them for a few senior girls for the formal session of their senior portraits. Ms. Thibert , the lady who had posted the ad, donated all 11 dresses to my cause. Thank you Ms.Thibert, truly you are one in a million!

So, I am now looking for Juniors or Seniors who are in state care OR are very low income, who would like to participate this year and the best part you get to pick from the 11 dresses and KEEP the dress you choose!  There is a catch, these dresses were donated (though still beautiful) so the sizes are not all the same.  The sizes are Small, Medium, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 14 . So you must be able to fit one of these sizes.

What you will get with your session. Since it’s so late in the autumn we won’t be doing head shots, but you will get your formal session with a minimum of 8 images on CD or online gallery + Keep the dress. I will not be requiring you to buy the images from my studio, if you want to you may!

What I ask of you if you are chosen; To continue to follow your dreams and ambitions, make the most of life, laugh and return any good you receive in this world to someone else who needs it.

How do I choose who gets the sessions?  The potential participants will need to answer the following questions and return them to me by email;

1. You must fit one of the dress sizes above (I wish I could have every size so it would not be a size matters kind of thing, but I didn’t get to choose)

2. Are you currently a “ward” of the state, or are you residing in foster care, a group home or temporary youth facility?

3. If no, Are you classified in Montana as low income (under 10,000 single or 25,000 family of 4 a year)

4. What are your goals for after you graduate?

5. What kind of grades are you getting?

6. Describe a typical day in the life of you.

7.If you could have only 2 wishes what would they be?

8. your name:

9 your school:

10. Favorite subject:

11. your age:



Please fill out the questionnaire and return it to me! I will decide soon who I will choose and you will get an email or call from me.


And please, share this on Facebook ! There are some girls somewhere whom this would make incredibly happy! Thanks!!!