Brandon + Rachel = One “Wild” Wedding

by tatjannam

Last October I met with Brandon and Rachel for the first time over coffee to discuss wedding photography. Right off the bat I liked them. Rachel knew what she wanted and I instantly admired that trait. Speed ahead almost a year and it’s their big day. My lighting assistant, Second shooter and I find ourselves driving down a beautiful tree lined dirt road, with hints of autumn licking the ends of once emerald leaves.
We soon find the lodge and the bride and are instantly struck by the calm of the atmosphere, The bride, we find calmly having her nails done, no rushing or frustration adding to the beauty of their day.  A thunderstorm moved in but to lightning and thunder, Rachel and Brandon paid no mind. They said I do in front of their beloved friends and family and an old aspen stand. Even the rain seemed to have the respect to wait for the couple to leave the alter. The perfect beginning to a happy ever after.
Congratulations Brandon and Rachel and our wishes to you for a long and fruitful future together!