Jack + Vandra, A love story.

by tatjannam

Did you ever wonder if fairy tales really do exist? If you wish up on that star will your knight on his white horse appear? Are there really happy endings? As a photographer, I know they do. I see it in a Mother to be’s glow, Later I see it in their childs’ eyes. I’ve seen it on the smile of a new bride and in that first kiss and I really believe you could tell me no different, because I’ve seen it.

So, I had these friends, they didn’t know each other but I knew both of them. Both, kind and gentle souls, the kind you are drawn to for the simple act of knowing that they are not the kinds to their back on you and you would never think of wronging them either.  It was an autumn evening and Vandra and a few others friends decided to go explore Karaoke. I’m so glad we did, that’s when I saw Jack,  totally excited to see him I introduced him to my friends and gave him a lift home.  I’m not sure I know what love at first sight looks like, but that may have been it. But with just a few more meetings it seemed the two were inseparable. And then he proposed. And while there is so much more then my words could ever, ever describe. I was able to join my two friends as they said I do. P.S. Have I mentioned they are having a baby? Yeah, Happy endings (or beginnings)  They do exist…I have the pictures to prove it!