The return of the blog!

by tatjannam

I have been terrible about keeping the blog updated this summer and I apologize for that! What an amazing summer so far, filled with grand adventures and amazing clients.

While I’ve been on a few travels this year from Las Vegas to Lancaster California as well as travelling around this beautiful state, my travel season has yet to begin! I’m very excited for at least 3 out of state adventures coming up! Starting with Portland Oregon in September, As of February I was terrified to fly, I’ve pretty much overcome that fear this year!

My goal for the next month before I head out to Portland is, one, to get my blog updated with the faces of all the beautiful people who have passed before my lens this summer and two, just enjoy everything that comes my way!

I’ve decided to post a few personal shots from my adventures! Some are shot on a point and shoot as I had dislocated my wrist at one point, but all is now healed properly and my wrist and I once again live in perfect harmony!

Some of my many summer adventures!


My old friend Crystal and I took a trip to Bozeman, I completely busted my diet in one meal and Johnny Corrinos, but it was well worth it!

Helena Trip:

A photographer friend of mine invited me to lunch with him and 2 other photogs in Helena, Of course I jumped at the opportunity! We had been speaking via Facebook for sometime and I really wanted the chance to meet him (and the others) in person, I decided to ask my close friend Vandra to escort me on the trip, the result was an afternoon of many laughs and much fun! My only regret is not taking out my camera more, since we were having so much fun I didn’t even think about pulling out the camera!

(a stone cliff at Holter Lake between Great Falls and Helena) Also Known as Vandras spider hell! 🙂

The images from california are all point and shoot due to a wrist injury! I went to California due to a passing in the family but it was a great time with family! And it was interesting to visit the places I used to attend or visit as a kid.

My old church in High Vista California (Yes, it is the Kill Bill church)

Family time: More then photography, I love to spend time with my family, they mean everything to me and I cannot express how much they have been my support in taking my passion into the business world, I am ever so thankful for them!

Hanging out with the family on the patio we got to witness a gorgeous storm move through.

So far that’s my summer in a few images, As the autumn approaches I am gearing up for more travel, more adventure and of course family and friends for the Holidays, But I believe we have a luau to throw before any of that! 🙂