Frances + Joel = True love is forever.

by tatjannam

Upon first meeting Joel and Frances, it was hard to miss the connection, they simply had a vibe that could almost be seen. And I was deeply excited to be asked to be their photographer. With the wedding day set and approaching quickly, I went to the venue location to scout my lighting and backgrounds, but nature and well, maybe the universe had other plans…… I arrived a bit early, and was met by Joel who seemed eager to get the day started, and after a brief Key+ locked car door incident, the guest began to arrive. At one point a guest yelled, “DEER” as a white tail bounded across the venue, but nature didn’t stop there, as Frances stepped out onto the aisle, a rainbow appeared above the venue and didn’t dissipate until the first kiss. But really, all the unique touches that the bride and groom, the family and nature stamped on this day were not nearly as surprising and as beautiful as the love that radiated between these two. I kept looking down at my images as I shot them, taking deep breathes because, I was surely going to start crying. Simply beautiful! Thank you Frances and Joel for ALLOWING me to be a part of such a wonderful moment, Many wishes to you and your superb little family for the future!