Merry Christmas… My Gift 3 free Family sessions to the first 3 who post.

by tatjannam

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, about family and about giving. Throughout the year I give away free sessions to deserving families, I do this once every 3-4 months but I really feel I want to give more right now, the world needs more smiles and that is my business after all :D.  The first 3 are free to the first 3 posters, after that

I will place 3 gift cards up for bid with 90% of the gift card profits I will be sending to the Great Falls Rescue Mission.   If love of your neighbors isn’t enough to inspire you to give this season, perhaps this blog by the blogess will You can make a difference in someones life and it takes only one person to begin a chain of happiness.

Gift Card bids will be for

2 Family Sessions- A 125.00 Value

and 1 couples/kids or individual session- A 75-95.00 value.

I will add more if demand is needed.