My Sister= My Best Friend.

by tatjannam

I know it isn’t traditional for a professional to put their personal life in a blog, but I would like to tell the world about someone so important to me, that I wanted to share this with you!

32 years ago I met my worst enemy, my ultimate competition, my mentor, But on that day I also met my best friend. The third set of eyes I had ever seen were hers. On that chilly day in February in our home in Louisiana, I met my sister.

Over the years we have overcome not just typical sister turbulence but some of the most difficult trials that anyone could face in their lives. But we made it through and I can say my sister has been my crutch, but she has also been the person to encourage me, to push me forward, and to be my cheering section. In October Mandy announced that she would be moving to Texas, My little world was shattered. What would I do without my sister after my initial shock I began to realize that this is so very important to her, to move forward to spread her wings and fly and to give her family all they have dreamed of, so with some reluctance I am happy for her on so many levels.  And again she proves to me that bravery comes in so many shapes and sizes and forms. I have been so selfish as to not realize how hard this move will be on her.  If you need me Sis you know where to find me!

There is nothing on this earth that is better then a sisters love and a sisters bond. We have shared so much, She has loved me unconditionally, She has led with a firm hand, she has taught me how to grow and she is more then anything my hero…. I am so thankful for the most wonderful gift that I was given the day I came into this world, For my sister is the gift that gets more precious with time!

Thank you Mandy, for everything you have given me, taught me and shared. I will miss you when you are gone, but I’ll always be here if you need me!