Middle of the night and keeping it real.

by tatjannam

3:30 Am, and I just finished hanging out with my friends Joe and Ruby..That is to say a warm cup of Java followed by a cup of Ruby Red Squirt. Besides Chai, it has to be one of my favorite drinks!
It’s one of those nights, the kind where silence sort of sneaks up on you. Your too busy keeping busy with edits and creativity galore to notice that once the kids head to bed and then the husband, the dog and finally after much caterwauling, the cat, to notice that the house slowly becomes a quiet well that leaves nothing to the imagination except what the backside of your eyes might look like. (that, my friends, was the perfect example of a run on sentence.)
But none the less even at this late hour, I find myself completely blessed and thankful for the amazing chance at life I have been given. On a daily basis I get to meet amazing people and I get the opportunity to find that spot that shines in them and capture it. That is nothing short of pure bliss for me.
I wake up in the morning, much like the rest and think..oh dear it’s another day of having to be an adult. Roll over and try my best to ignore the alarm, but then it hits me. I don’t have to wake up I want to wake up, because every moment is spent doing what I love, doing what I have dreamed and that thought carries me through the day and most of the night. Usually until I find myself nodding off.
But in that same breath I want to say thank you to everyone of you who has taken a moment to encourage me, taken the time to pose before my lens, while I was learning and to those of you who have deemed my talent worthy of purchasing. It may seem self gratifying, but it keeps me going, keeps me dreaming and keeps me believing, that whatever your dream is, it can be accomplished if you take the time to refine and shape it to perfection. Thank you again..each and everyone of you are simply amazing!